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London Fox

45-minute radio play

This was Canning's second play for radio, broadcast by BBC Radio 4 on 27 January 1982, repeated on 25 January 1984 in the Afternoon Theatre series. Cast: Ysanne Churchman, John Pullen, Margot Boyd.

There are just three main characters: Belle Rogers, a London landlady, and her two lodgers, Miss Crampton, a schoolmistress and Harry Bancroft who claims to be a hotel waiter working night shifts. One day Harry brings back a fox cub that has been injured by a car. Belle looks after it and in a few weeks it is fit to be released. Meanwhile she is falling in love with Harry, though Miss Crampton warns her that he is not the type to settle down. Belle and Harry share a passionate night in a hotel, which is ended when Harry is summoned back to London for a police interview. Will their love survive this setback?