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By no means all the novels have printed dedications.
Polycarp's Progress (1935) To my mother and father
Fly Away Paul (1936) To my wife
Everyman's England (1936) To Polly and Jojo (These are a dog and a cat)
Mr Finchley Goes to Paris (1938) To R. Percy Hodder-Williams and Ralph Hodder-Williams (of the publishers Hodder and Stoughton)
Every Creature of God is Good
(as Alan Gould: 1939)
To my wife
The Viaduct
(as Alan Gould: 1939)
To MOTHER MAC (presumably his mother-in-law, Mrs McEwen)
Mr Finchley Takes the Road (1940) For my daughter Lindel
Green Battlefield (1943) To the memory of my daughter Virginia
The Chasm (1947) To C.J.B.M., W.D.S, and P.F.C.
Panther's Moon (1948) To Lindel and Hilary
The Golden Salamander (1949) To my wife
The House of the Seven Flies (1952) To the captain and mate of Cora
Castle Minerva (1955) To my wife
Firecrest (1971) To Daniel Richmond with apologies for poaching on his fishing rights
The Runaways (1971) For Duncan now; and Hugo later (Duncan was his stepson and Hugo his grandson.)
The Rainbird Pattern (1972) For Diana with love (Diana Bird, whom he would marry in 1975)
The Flight of the Grey Goose (1973) For Fiona with love (his stepdaughter)
The Painted Tent (1974) For Jack and Molly
The Crimson Chalice (1976) For my wife, Diana, with love
The Doomsday Carrier (1976) For Adria with love (Adria Irving-Bell, whom he married in November 1976)
The Circle of the Gods (1977) Affectionately for Diana Charnock Smith (sister of Adria Canning)
The Immortal Wound (1978) With love—'To the one who wept when the dream ended'
Fall from Grace (1980) For Eileen M. Cond, semper fidelis (Warwicksire socialite who wrote to many authors asking them to sign books for her)
Raven's Wind (1983) For Dorotea Irving-Bell (sister-in-law of Adria Canning)
Table Number Seven
(1987: posthumous)
This book is dedicated to Victor Canning's readers

Information compiled by John Higgins, updated October 2018