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The Circle of the Gods (1977)

Novel (176 pages, 81,025 words)

UK first edition 1977
UK first edition
Trilogy paperback
Penguin trilogy

The Book

This was the second part of a trilogy re-telling the story of Arthur, called here Arturo. It covers his boyhood, his rebellion against Count Ambrosius, and his raising of a small force which attacks Saxon settlements. Durstan and Lancelo are recruited to his Company. He marries Daria, and she becomes pregnant.

There is still a strong narrative thread in this book, but the style is much more consciously archaic and 'bardic' than in the first book.

Publishing History

This was the second part of the trilogy which had begun with The Crimson Chalice and would be completed by The Immortal Wound. It was published by Heinemann in 1977 at £3.90. There was a Companion Book Club edition in 1978, and it was included in the Penguin paperback of the trilogy under the title The Crimson Chalice in 1980.