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Availability of Victor Canning's books

In the past I have compiled an annual tally of the number of copies of Victor Canning's books offered for sale by dealers on the ABE network. I shall not do this again since, with the availability of the Farrago and other reprints as e-books and p-o-d, the supply of Victor Canning titles has now become in effect infinite.

First editions in good condition remain difficult to find and items to cherish.

Below is a summary of the results of my searches for "Victor Canning" on 15th May 2007 and 20 September 2012. This gave an idea of the relative scarcity of different titles. The total returned was 4,666 and 3,997 on those days, but that includes translations and a small number of other books written by joint authors whose names include "Victor" and "Canning". The total was 3,477 on 12 December 2017 and 2,910 on 28 October 2022, but I did not tally individual titles on those occasions.

(Where a book was sold under a different title in the USA, both figures are given. Otherwise British and American editions are amalgamated. I have generally excluded translations.)

Mr Finchley discovers his England (17/32)
US-Mr Finchley's holiday (1/1)
18/33    The dragon tree (89/84)
US-Captives of Mora Island (11/8)
100/92    The Satan sampler 101/73
Polycarp’s progress 9/9    The burning eye 48/33    Fall from grace 85/75
Fly away Paul 1/5    A delivery of Furies 151/136    Boy on platform one (4/6)
US-Memory boy (45/28)
Matthew Silverman 3/1    Black flamingo 84/90    Vanishing point 80/55
Mr Finchley goes to Paris 1/13    The limbo line 162/135    Raven’s wind 48/70
Fountain Inn 1/4    The Scorpio letters 121/113    Birds of a feather 67/54
Mr Finchley takes the road 0/4    The whip hand 193/191    Table number seven 15/17
Green battlefield 4/6    Doubled in diamonds 83/53    Young man on a bicycle 6/9
The chasm 102/89    The python project 164/117    Delay on Turtle 3/6
Panther’s moon 169/126    The melting man 146/130    The runaways 80/82
The golden salamander 108/111    Queen’s pawn 116/104    Flight of the grey goose 61/47
A forest of eyes 48/51    The great affair 77/69    The painted tent 27/32
Venetian bird (43/35)
Bird of Prey (90/79)
133/114    Firecrest 94/58    Smiler trilogy 3/17
House of the seven flies 164/142    The Rainbird pattern 119/98    The crimson chalice (including trilogy) 94/70
Man from the Turkish Slave 51/50    Finger of Saturn 194/152    Circle of the gods 28/25
Castle Minerva (88/66)
US-A handful of silver (63/50)
151/116    The mask of memory 180/129    The immortal wound 14/16
His Bones are coral (8/6)
US-Twist of the knife (16/12)
& The shark run (6/3)
30/21    The Kingsford mark 119/76    Everyman’s England 4/45
The hidden face (61/66)
US-Burden of proof (45/34)
106/100    The doomsday carrier 133/94    The Minerva Club -/12
The Manasco Road (74/66)
US-The forbidden road (8/7)
82/73    Birdcage 80/64    Comedies and Whimsies -/9
The only copies offered of the 'Alan Gould' or 'Julian Forest' books were of the modern reprints. First editions of these seven books are extremely rare.

Information compiled by John Higgins, updated 30 October, 2022.