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Victor Canning is included on "Nigel Balchin's Contemporaries", part of an excellent web site about Balchin managed by Derek Collett.

Extract from Mastermind Quiz show (BBC2) of 13 November 2009, answering questions on Victor Canning's Birdcage books.

I have created entries for Canning in The Literary Encylopedia and Wikipedia.

The well-known literary agency Curtis Brown handle the rights to Canning's work.

An audio book of Canning's 1936 travel book, Everyman's England, read by Charles Collingwood, was published by Crimson Cats Audio Books (click on this link for details).

I recently came across an enjoyable song by Chicago rock musician Fred Prellberg called Victor Canning and me. He wrote it, he tells me, "to express the personal relationship one can form with an author or a songwriter", and attributes his liking for Victor Canning's work as "probably the identification with hard-scrabble heroes, long on individuality & integrity, but seemingly at odds with their world & their times". You can listen to the song on this link.

Finding second-hand copies of Canning's books

See also the availability page.

The widest selection of secondhand books is probably to be found on the ABE (Advanced Book Exchange) site, which includes many professional and amateur dealers.

The Amazon site is a good source for new and, through its Market Place section, second-hand books.

For professional second-hand book dealers, a very good site is Bookfinder which searches a large number of second-hand outlets world wide.


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