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Runaway Redhead

(The Girl from the Argola)

Short Story (5030 words)

Bill Highburn is an unsuccessful artist living on a Greek island who occasionally tries to gamble his way into a fare back to England, aided by a benevolent Greek café owner who lends him a suit and wants his portrait painted in return. One evening he encounters an English girl who also seems to be trying to gamble her way out of an unpleasant spot, working as a secretary for a bunch of Greeks who strike him as thugs. On his way back to the island he rescues the girl from pursuit by her irate sexually rejected employer. But there are complications and a literal cliff-hanging finish.

Published in Weekend, 5 February 1958, reprinted as "The girl from the Argola" in the Toronto Star Weekly in two parts on 17 and 24 January 1959. It was one of two longish stories which appeared in TSW in 1959. The other was "The Sleigman letter".

Included in Short Stories and Novellas; the Exotics, ed. John Higgins, 2011.