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Hole in one twice in a day—so they tell me

Short Story (1,500 words)

This was one of the Evening Standard's long-running "Did it happen?" series, where readers had to guess whether a story was fact or fiction. The answer in this case was fiction, but the background details about Canning's job and his landlady were probably fact.

The author as a young clerk working in an office in Somerset sets out on his motorbike to take part in a golf tournament. On the way he comes off the bike and is knocked out. The next day his friends tell him that he recovered, took part in the tournament, scored two holes in one and won the competition, but he himself cannot remember a thing about it.

Canning's other contributions to the series were "Honorary Godfathers", "Two good men", "You are a spy" and "Wall of death".

Evening Standard, 7 October, 1961