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Trouble in Limoy

Novella (18,000 words)

Bill Norton, ex RAF pilot, hunts orchids in Parador, an unstable Latin American republic. He tries to stay aloof from politics, but Professor Carreras preaches democracy at him while Colonel Luz tries to recruit him to fly the Army's bombers. An election is pending. The Professor's daughter Luisa arrives. Bill falls in love with her. The Army stages a coup after losing the election, but the democratic students will hold them off unless Colonel Luz can bring a gunboat to the capital. Guess who prevails.

Canning adapted this story into a TV script called "The Orchid Hunter", but there is no record of it ever being transmitted.


Published with "Delay on Turtle" in Star Weekly, Toronto, 17 May, 1958.
TV script included in Victor Canning and the World of Television by John Higgins.