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Tattoo Pattern

Short Story (4,300 words)

Belain, a new recruit to the Department, investigates escaped prisoners, including two with tattoos of Athos and Porthos on their chests. He also finds a record of two drownings, a man who had a tattoo of Aramis, the third of the Three Musketeers, and a tattooist called Otto Raventhal. He visits the tattooist's widow and from the shop records gets the name and address of 'Aramis'. He goes to the home of 'Aramis' where the story reaches a dramatic conclusion.


The third story in the Department of Patterns series, the second featuring Papa Grand.

First published in Argosy, May 1961.
Reprinted as "The Three Musketeers" in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, April, 1962.

Included in the collection The Minerva Club and other stories, ed. John Higgins, USA, Crippen and Landru, 2009.