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A voice from the past

Short Story (1690 words)

Dr Kang works from a fortune-teller's booth on a pier. A mysterious woman arrives and he leaves with her.

A little later the police arrive to arrest Dr Kang on suspicion of using revelations he has elicited from his clients in the booth to blackmail them. They find a tape-recorder which is left running during his sessions. On the tape they hear the woman say she has come for revenge and is going to force Dr Kang at gunpoint to go with her. On the tape he manages to introduce various clues about the woman's appearance, but the police fail to find her.

Has she killed Dr Kang? Or is the whole thing a set-up arranged by Dr Kang to make his escape easier? We will never know (or at least not until the second series of Dr Kang stories begins).

This is the sixth and last of the first series of Dr Kang stories, The Six Deaths of Dr Kang. It was not included in the Ellery Queen reprints.

First published in the Evening Standard, Saturday 25th February 1956. Page 11.
Reprinted in the Glasgow Evening Citizen on 3rd March 1956.

Included in the collection The Minerva Club, ed. John Higgins, USA, Crippen and Landru, 2009.